Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I have Physical Therapy in My Home? Yes! Under Medicare Guidelines our staff at BPT can come to your home for your outpatient services. Please Inquire!

Can I choose where I go to Physical Therapy? Yes! You as the consumer of a service are allowed to go to any provider of your choice.

How Many Visits will I need? Every individuals injury and performance needs are different. At Barnstable Physical Therapy we will customize a program/pathway tailored towards your needs.

Do I need a script from my Physician? Yes and No! In Massachusetts you are allowed to seek Physical Therapy services without a script, however some insurances will not cover the services provided and you may receive a bill. When able it is recommended to obtain a script from your physician!

What do I need to bring with me? Please bring your script if required, Insurance cards and method of payment, any imaging or other pertinent information to you injury, and proper clothing to access the injured region.

How Long will my Treatment Session be? A typical session lasts between 40-60 minutes.