Debra "Debbie" Carwright

Originally hailing from Nantucket, Debra Cartwright embarked on her healthcare career journey in 2004 while residing in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, where she worked in a chiropractor's office. In 2005, she relocated with her family to Cape Cod, beginning her tenure at Corporate Physical Therapy Company in Yarmouth, Massachusetts, where she immersed herself in the intricacies of managing a physical therapy office. In 2008, seeking new horizons, Debra transitioned to A Family-Owned Physical Therapy Company.. During her tenure there, she honed her expertise in all facets of the business side of physical therapy, particularly excelling in billing, authorizations, and accounts receivable.

A consummate people person, Debra thrives on personal interactions with patients, relishing the opportunity to provide face-to-face support. Following the sale of her previous practice, she made the decision to join Barnstable Physical Therapy in the fall of 2022. Once again, Debra finds herself in her element, contributing to the efficient operation of another family-owned business.

During her downtime, Debra indulges in exploring the myriad treasures of life on Cape Cod, embracing the region's natural beauty and vibrant culture.

Debra Carwright

Administrative Support Specialist, Referral/Authorization Specialist