Welcome to Barnstable Physical Therapy & Performance Academy.

We are committed and determined at Barnstable Physical Therapy (BPT) and Performance Academy (BPTPA) to helping people reach their rehabilitation, nutritional, and performance goals. Our highly educated team has achieved top designations in the rehabilitation and performance fields. At BPTPA we utilize our expertise bringing cutting edge methods, combined with foundational approaches to surpass your expectations.

“The staff at Barnstable Physical Therapy was caring and knowledgable. The therapist explained all aspects of my care and I left after just my first session knowing more about my injury then after I saw all my previous providers combined. I highly recommend BPTPA!”


“Amazing experience! listened to my concerns and asked me what my goal was with therapy. I felt like I am part of the care process at BPTPA not just have care delivered to me.”


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